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LATEST NEWS! (Updates)
22.Nov.2013 Finaly another work! Enjoy T&B in the fanArt page! :D

01.Nov.2013 Site update -i changed the THEATRE section in DIY...more appropriate!
New works in 2013 and fanArt :D
Hope you had the scariest Halloween * . *
03.Oct.2013 Another finished shonen ai work.
I was finally able to use my new colored china inks and the watercolor paper!!! :D
02.Oct.2013 New work updated! -> 2013 :>
11.Sep.2013 YEAH! A NEW SECTION ARRIVED!!! There's a DIY category with 3 undersections!!! :D

24.Jul.2013 This week two updates! A painting and a portrait. Prepare, cause a NEW SECTION is comin'... :>
04.Jul.2013 Finally another fresh work in ancient japanese style (2013 manga page) :D
24.Jun.2013 Hi everybody!...added a new fresh work in shonen ai manga page :>
13.Jun.2013 Back from the show!!! We rock'em all!!! A new commission in portrait art page.
08.May.2013 Another work in shonen ai manga page. I really love this one... :>
25.Apr.2013 Updated the theatre company Logo of the musical 'We Will rock You!' in mixed art page.
20.Apr.2013 Found a forgotten drawing (left of the background) added in 2010.
16.Apr.2013 Finally an update in shonen ai. Yeah, i'm not dead :P
22.Feb.2013 Little update: a new celebrity in the gallery! (portraits )
01.Feb.2013 Site restyle :D
27.Jan.2013 Little site update :>
6.Jan.2013 Nice year to everyone!!! And so..let's inaugurate a new manga section: 2013 !
Also new updates at 2012, shonen ai and graphic & design page.
3.Dec.2012 After my graduation, finally new works in mixed art page and paint art page.
8.Nov.2012 New works in 2012 manga page, shonen-ai page and fanArt page.
6.Nov.2012 Updated my LiveJournal contact.
31.Oct.2012 Updated 2012 manga gallery :) Happy Halloween dudes!
27.Oct.2012 Updated "4 Agosto" summary!

My original Ayano Yamane Doujinshi, called "4 Agosto", will be PUBLISHED by ! :D

16.Oct.2012 Site update and new works in manga/comics (2012) and art/design (graphic & design); as you can see I added this NEWS box to be always informed on my latest, well...news! :D

14.Oct.2012 Added works in fanArt, manga/comics (2012 and SHONEN) and traditional art (mixed) categories!

I'm just an amatorial artist, graduated in Industrial Design and Arts,
and this little corner lost in the net shows most of my creations :)